August 15, 2014

Find A Holistic & Integrative Provider

This is a directory for health care consumers seeking providers that offer holistic and integrative healthcare, as well as for professionals who are seeking to collaborate with others to provide optimal care.

Please note: To find the providers you are seeking, follow these instructions:

  • The default listing below is historical; the most recent listings are at the top.
  • The regular ‘SEARCH‘ field will only search by last names, not types of provider, practice names, etc.
  • To search for business name, clinical practices, credentials, specialties, etc. please use the ADVANCED SEARCH page
  • You can use the ‘SORT’ options under the categories of providers to sort the listings alphabetically within each category.

Important Note: Neither the Minnesota Holistic Medicine Group, its members, those listing their services on this site, nor its webmaster endorses, supports or otherwise offers any guarantee of accuracy, effectiveness, or any claims made by the providers listed here. Providers may have themselves listed in the directory without any of their information being verified, approved, or otherwise reviewed. For any complaints, questions or other concerns about any of the information in this directory, please email us.