November 29, 2014

Creating a Listing

To create a listing on this website for your clinical, holistic and/or integrative services, you must first be a AIHM logomember of the Minnesota Holistic Medical Group. Membership is free, but requires approval by Dr. Manahan. If you are wish to join the group, please send an email to Dr. Bill Manahan. In it, please include a short, one paragraph biography about where you trained, what you do, where you practice, your degrees, and your contact information. There is no fee to be part of the group.

Once you are part of the group, health care providers who offer services and who describe themselves as ‘holistic’ or ‘integrative’ are welcome to submit a listing for their professional services to (formerly

Please note: we do not assume any responsibility for ensuring the content, claims or specifics of any Directory Listing are accurate, truthful, effective, or safe. Users of this website do so understanding their own responsibilities in assessing and verifying listing information.

These listings are a way to make yourselves more widely known and to give your prospective clients/patients/referrals more information about yourself, your services and practices, and your philosophy.

This group, started by Dr. Carolyn Torkelson and Dr. Bill Manahan, has been a gathering place to share knowledge, experience, goals and desires among a peer group that believes that true health comes from within, and a wide range of complementary sources of truth, guidance, wisdom and care can provide an effective web of support for our own, innate healing capacities and properties.

  1. To create a listing, please go here, and create your user ID. List your email, and a password will be emailed to you. When you get your password email, be sure and copy your user name and password. Test your login with your username and password. NOTHING ON THIS PAGE IS VISIBLE TO THE PUBLIC. IT IS NOT A BUSINESS LISTING. TO CREATE A BUSINESS LISTING, MOVE TO STEP 2.
  2. Go to the Submit A Listing page, and log in if required to do so.
  3. Create a listing following the form fields and prompts. A test listing shows sample information that’s appropriate in each field.
  4. You are permitted to include up to 4 images; maximum file size for each is 10MB.
  5. The annual fee for a listing is $20.00
  6. You will be prompted to pay through PayPal to the company hosting the site, Consumer Health Union, Inc. If you do not have a PayPal account, you can pay with a credit card as a ‘guest.’
  7. Once we receive notice that a listing submission has been created and paid for, we review it and publish it online within one or two business days.
  8. Please note: When creating a listing, you do not have the ability to assign a secondary category; because many providers’ services fall into multiple categories, we have to manually add them to your account. Please review the categories here and send us a note with the categories you wish to be added to. If you do not see a category that is appropriate for your services, we will consider adding it. Send us a note with that request, please.

If you have any questions that these instructions have not answered, please send us a note.

Thanks! And Be Well.