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Amy Sapola- Integrative Pharmacist & Wellness Coach

I offer Holistic Wellness Coaching, Medication Therapy Management (MTM), Reiki, and Private Yoga Instruction.

Carloni Studios

Carloni Studios is a wellness design and integrative health coaching practice. Working at the intersection of science and art, Carloni Studios creates elegant, customized and creative wellness solutions for individuals and organizations seeking optimal health and well-being in mind, body and spirit.

Specializing in:

• Addressing chronic disease through healthy food and lifestyle choices
• Healing the gut to heal the body
• Uncovering food sensitivities that may be impacting optimal health
• Exploring how food affects mood
• Releasing unwanted weight with a low-glycemic approach
• Science-based nutraceuticals & supplementation to support optimal health

We provide a full spectrum of health and wellness programs, services and educational resources for individuals, businesses, health practitioners, clinics, their staff and their patients.
Catherine Bogolub, MD, MS-Physician Nutrition Specialist

My special areas of expertise include the functional nutrition management and support of patients with cancer, mood disorders, food intolerances, metabolic syndrome, autoimmune disease, menopausal symptoms, and adrenal fatigue. I also have an integrative cancer care and prevention practice that is focused on the primary and secondary cancer risk reduction and the management and support of patients in the midst of cancer treatment. Interventions are based on improving the oncometabolic promoters of cancer: insulin resistance, inflammation, impaired methylation, oxidative stress, copper excess, and unfavorable estrogen metabolism.
Functional Nutrition MN
7101 York Avenue So. #157, Edina
O’Meara, M.S.
I offer functional, integrative, personalized nutrition and lifestyle consults for individuals and groups. I hold an M.S. in Nutrition and Functional Medicine, and a Graduate Certificate in Holistic Health with a Health Coaching concentration.

Offering individual health consultations and group wellness programs.
Digging into your particular health challenges.
Approaching health issues from an integrative, functional and personalized perspective.
Collaborating with you to unlock pieces of your health puzzle.
Connecting you to ideas and resources.
Supporting your wellbeing through nutrition and lifestyle.
Empowering you to take charge of your health and to flourish.
Healing Energy Arts Center

Reiki Master Practitioner/Teacher. Healing Touch Practitioner. Hypnotist providing Custom guided Meditations, affirmations and sessions geared towards teaching and empowering you to manifest profound and lasting change. Intuitive Spiritual Counseling supporting those having intuitive breakthroughs in consciousness and other spiritual e,periences they wish to understand more deeply. Mediumship sessions and classes on spiritual healing.
Hours: Monday 1-6pm, Tuesday – Friday 9am-8pm, Saturday 9-noon.
Ignite Your Vitality

Ignite Your Vitality helps people make healing changes from the inside out. As a Transformational Wellness Coach, I coach people that are frustrated with their health make transformations within the context of their busy lifestyle so they can double their energy and feel good in their body. I empower people to make lifestyle changes in the areas of diet, rest, exercise, stress reduction to help create lasting success. If needed, I also will offer lab tests to get to help identify the root cause of the discomforts. Some of the main complaints I help people solve are heartburn diarrhea/constipation, bloating, lack of energy, foggy thinking, inability to lose weight, high stress and other digestive discomforts.

For more information visit my website or e-mail me. I also offer 30 minute complimentary strategy sessions to help people decide their next best step weather it is on your own, coaching with me, or getting help from someone else.
Maggie Christopher
555 7th Street, West
Suite 300
My clients are busy men and women who have tried many diets, but haven’t experienced long-term, sustainable weight loss. They are people who believe in eating whole foods and are open to making changes in their lives so that they may live with more joy and freedom.

For over 10 years, I have supported people who have an understanding of what foods are good for them, but they don’t apply this knowledge on a regular basis. Sadly, they feel shameful for knowing what to eat to be healthy, but not able to consistently apply their knowledge. My clients don’t lack willpower, they lack an ability to handle their intense lives and uncomfortable emotions. Most people eat processed foods to numb their feelings (whether they consciously realize this or not). Emotional eating is a symptom, it’s not the root cause. Holistic nutrition therapy offers you the emotional support you need to discover and heal the reasons you reach for low-quality food. I believe that whole foods from nature are medicine for the body and that there is no perfect way of eating. Learn more, read testimonials and book a free, 60-minute nutrition consultation online at I look forward to meeting you!
Nutrition Julie

I have created the Food First System for optimal health and healing. I believe in the power of whole, real foods to prevent illness, heal imbalances, and to give the mental clarity and energy to live our best lives ever! I educate, inspire and empower individuals to take the specific, simple, consistent steps necessary for living a healthy, conscious, disease-free life.
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Prairie Health Companion

I offer health coaching services to individuals, couples and groups in person, by phone or by Skype. I also offer healthy cooking classes and a natural food store tour as well as workshops on healthy living. For those curious about health coaching, I offer a free initial consultation to explore more about what I offer and if it is a good fit for the client.
The Center Within, LLC

Michele Rae is the founder and principal of The Center Within, LLC. She partners with individuals, couples and organizations with a desire to maximize their potential and capacity in everyday living during this amazing time. This transformative process includes building on her client’s gifts, talents, wisdom and passions as well as exposing and unblocking limiting beliefs, patterns and fears. Michele utilizes her abilities in deep listening, intuition, appreciative inquiry, spiritual practices, mind-body skills, presence and emotional intelligence to assist clients in realizing and developing self directed strategies to implement the changes they desire.