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NFP Pharmacist

NFP Pharmacist
Business Name: NFP Pharmacist
Last Name: Kirkwold
First Name: Emily
Business Phone: 763-464-2094
Short Business Description: I am a pharmacist and natural family planning educator empowering women to care for and love the bodies God gave them.
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If you are wondering if all your medications are needed, safe, and effective, then Emily can provide you answers. She believes one of the most important jobs she has as a pharmacist is to help you identify when you do NOT need medications. Do you feel stuck taking birth control because you don’t want to have a baby right now and you don’t know how to effectively avoid pregnancy naturally? Do you have a hormone condition or issues with your menstrual cycle and wonder how you could support your hormones? I want to help you recognize what your body is telling you and use that information to be your whole, healthiest self. Book a virtual or in-person (Twin Cities) appointment at

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ZIP Code: 55369
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