Rosen Method Bodywork and Movement

Rosen Method Bodywork and Movement
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Rosen Method Bodywork and Movement
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Touch with Awareness and Movement with Awareness
Rosen Method Bodywork and Rosen Method Movement
Movement Sanctuary
Somatic Experiencing
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Rosen Method bodywork and Movement

Rosen Method bodywork practice gentle, listening meeting touch to bring awareness to unconscious holding in the body. If we have tension when we aren’t actively using our bodies, what is that tension doing for us? We explore this question together noticing sensation, the way we come to the present moment, with support, to be with our most essential selves.
Rosen Movement is a fun, easy going, joint mobilization class. We use music, which stimulates our moving in synchrony to a variety of rhythms. We move in a circle enhancing connection and a sense of community.

Movement Sanctuary
A practice of moving to access the unconscious through the simple form of moving, eyes closed, with a non-judgmental witness, eyes open. We share our own experiences after a movement session, taking great care to know it is our own experience only. Insights, shifts, and resolutions within our bodies and minds are often the result.

I have studied Somatic Experiencing which focuses on trauma resolution by learning to track body sensation and resolution naturally.

I have been practicing touch work since 1984. I have studied many touch and movement modalities over 35 years. I continue to learn and be awed by the miraculous beings we all are. Our body, mind and spirit are interconnected, as is our connection to all life on our planet. It is important to me as white middle class cis gendered woman, to approach the healing of racial, developmental, relational, racial, historical, and sexual trauma through the body. Being able to metabolize/naturally process our body responses enables us to be more present, capable, and resilient in our immediate lives.

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2124 Dupont Ave. S.
Minneapolis, MN
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  • Rosen Method Bodywork and Movement
  • Rosen Method Bodywork and Movement