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Scientific Nutrition, LLC

Lisa M Rufsholm, CNC
Business Name: Scientific Nutrition, LLC
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Last Name: Rufsholm
First Name: Lisa
Business Phone: 651-462-1555
Short Business Description: I help people discover Health for Life™ by rebuilding their nutrition at the cellular level, removing toxins/heavy metals/parasites, and repairing their bodies using their Hair Analysis results.
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True health is not just taking the latest pill, shake or potion. It is about eating foods with the right nutrition according to individualized needs. There is no need to guess or practice. When you know where your mineral levels are, you know what you need to correct. Taking the specific supplementation not only saves money, but also time and energy. When the body is nourished it is able to detoxify heavy metals, toxins such as chemicals, purge parasites, and free radicals that may harbor cancers. By knowing where your true health is, you will know where you need to be and I can show you how to get there.

Many of my clients have not felt heard in regard to their symptoms. I dig deep to discover possible root causes. The hair analysis can be likened to your savings account whereas your blood serum is your checking account. The blood will regulate and do what is necessary to keep you as healthy as possible by depositing excess minerals and heavy metals into the tissue/organs or withdrawing from them. When nutrition stores get low, the blood will eventually have nowhere to draw from. Heavy metals and toxins stay armored in storage for safety but may cause symptoms or be linked to disease so rebalancing is key to detoxification.

Are you ready to start your health journey?

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Business Address: 22840 Jewell St. NE
East Bethel, MN 55005
ZIP Code: 55005
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