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Terrasoma Restorative Movement

Terrasoma Restorative Movement
Business Name: Terrasoma Restorative Movement
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Last Name: Terrana
First Name: Char
Business Phone: 6122676603
Short Business Description: Have musculo-skeletal pain that just won’t quit? Let’s look at the possible causes. This work wakes up areas that Yoga and other movement modalities don’t touch, using your unique structure to access and relieve your compensations. While working on the physical, we access deeper levels, generating a deep relaxation and positive nervous system response.
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Everyone is unique – completely different, structurally. We have twists and rotations and tensegrital aberrations that can generate habitual patterns . Over time the patterns can cause discomfort and eventually pain that seemingly happens suddenly. In actuality, it has been “brewing” for years or decades. Other times there are more recent or acute causes, such as falls or accidents. I use a three-prong methodology to relax the system and teach the brain/ns to begin to turn toward a new pattern, release the old one, and bring the whole body/mind to a place of increased comfort. The three prongs are The Wallace Method of Nonlinear Movement, Rhythmic Rocking, and Reflex Integration. It’s been very effective in treating acute trauma as well, such as falls or car accidents.

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Business Address: 3915 Grand Ave S
ZIP Code: 55409