Penny George Institute for Health and Healing – Joseph Bickle, L.Ac, Dipl Ac

Penny George Institute for Health and Healing – Joseph Bickle, L.Ac, Dipl Ac
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Penny George Institute for Health and Healing – Joseph Bickle, L.Ac, Dipl Ac
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(612) 863-3333
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I have been training in martial arts since 2000. Through my first instructor I was first introduced to Chinese medicine while sustaining an injury during training. Impressed by my quick recovery I began to shadow him at his clinic and enrolled in graduate school a few years later.

I have been practicing acupuncture since 2006. In addition to working at PGIHH I also volunteer through the Global Alternative Health Project (GAHP), providing Chinese medicine both domestically and internationally.

I have really enjoyed my time studying this medicine and have continued to appreciate all of the people and patients I have met through practicing Chinese medicine. I believe the ultimate goal of medicine is to assist people on their path to help them live their best life.
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At the Penny George Institute for Health and Healing, you will find a consistent philosophy regardless of whether you visit an integrative and functional medicine provider, have an acupuncture treatment, consult with an integrative nutritionist or health coach, or take a wellness class.

We work with you to help you access your body’s innate healing abilities and provide you the education and coaching you’ll need to become the best YOU.

What does this all mean for you?
— When you are healthy, our providers can help find ways to strengthen your immunity, improve your sleep and digestion, help you reach your ideal weight, or move toward any health and fitness goal you have.
— If you become ill or just feel unwell, we will be here to support you with natural treatment options that work with your body to optimize your healing potential.
— If you are looking for solutions for a specific problem, such as chronic pain, digestive difficulties, hormone imbalances, fatigue or stress, we work with you to identify the best treatment options within the Penny George Institute for Health and Healing family of providers.

We offer integrative medicine services in more than 20 locations statewide.

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Joe sees patients at two Allina clinics:
Woodbury Clinic
8675 Valley Creek Rd
Woodbury, MN


WestHealth Clinic
2805 Campus Drive
Suite 115
Plymouth, MN
ZIP Code:
55125, 55441