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Spiritual Health

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Ma’sheba Medicine Donation Based Ceremonies
Address: Ceremonies are held over virtual video conferencing
Last Name: An
First Name: Marisha
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Short Business Description: A journey of remembrance and reclamation of your unique gifts, inherent freedom & the wealth of your spirit
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Utilizing ancestral medicine song, and sacred sound to converse with the layers of your being. Ma’sheba clears and integrates the fragmented aspects of your psyche & invites renewed layers of yourself, your soul, your spirit to weave into the surface of your expression

Is this for me?
This is for you that are longing to step into the wealth of being alive
To light the flames of your soul in the world, and reconnect to the permission to be. To be in the many wondrous facets that you are

This is a healing container that embraces all parts of you as inseparable from the functioning of the whole. This is not a stepping into the light, and away from the shadows of the self. This is a reunification of your light, and shadows. An invitation to an intimate journey of self devotion, union and acceptance

Stepping into the world of Ma’sheba, you are stepping hand in hand with the collective of creation. Integrating and activating within yourself, and in turn integrating and activating that very lost channel that had been forgotten within us all

This is my heart & soul offered up to you. If you feel this calling to that space within you that craves to step into wholeness, purpose, magic and love. I would love to meet you. Text me directly to schedule a 60min connection call to see how we can journey together into these beautiful realms of emergence. Check out my website to learn more about me & what I offer. All services are offered donation based.

In love,

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Sassafras Healing Arts
Address: Kingfield Neighborhood + Online
Last Name: bergeron
First Name: cheré
Business Phone: 651.395.8324
Short Business Description: community-based, sliding scale herbalism & flower essence consultations, craniosacral bodywork, cupping therapy, full spectrum doula care, placenta encapsulation, and death midwifery services
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About Me:
I create medicine + magic, weaving together care webs for healing justice + collective liberation.

I am an herbalist, ​bodyworker, doula / companion, Traiteux, aspiring Völva, + witch working within my ancestral + cultural lineages through my community-based care practice, Sassafras Healing Arts. I am here by way of my ancestors: Cajun, Norse, Prussian, Belgian, German, + Roma tenant farmers, caretakers, healers, herbalists, nurses, blacksmiths, jewelers, clockmakers, + merchants. I am a queer, non-binary, chronically ill/disabled, multiethnic, southern transplant currently living on occupied Dakhóta + Anishinaabe land in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I spent my childhood in New Orleans, Louisiana (Chickasaw, Chitimacha, + Choctaw Territory) & my adolescence in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin (Anishinaabe, Dakhóta + Ho-Chunk Territories).

My past movement homes have included People’s Movement Center, The Minnesota Transgender Health Coalition, + The HOTDISH Militia Abortion Fund. I am also the Co-Founder of Herbalists for Racial Justice (established 2016) + the Historian, Archivist, + Director of Operations, Accessibility, + Sustainability at SPIRAL Collective (established 2012). I spent a decade working within sexual + domestic violence prevention + advocacy before becoming a Registered Public Health Nurse in 2019.​

My Practice:
I practice under a healing justice framework. As someone with white settler ancestry & who identifies as a non-binary queer witch, this means uplifting femme folks, queer & trans folks, black folks, indigenous folks, & people of color as healers, as well as to center marginalized communities in my practice. I strive to bring my whole self to my clients & meet them where they are at, respecting their decisions, honoring their intuition, & working to co-create a container for them to see themselves as the powerful healers & magic-makers they are. I strive to bring an ethic of communal care to my practice, recognizing that we cannot “self care” our traumas away, & that we do not survive alone.

Sliding Scale Fees & Accessibility:
I utilize a sliding scale fee for almost all of my services. My hope with this approach is that folks who have the financial ability to pay more will pay more and folks who need to pay less will pay less and everything will balance itself out. The sliding scale fee exists for people who have low or no income and/or have limited to no employment. I believe everyone deserves access to the healing they desire & deserve. I highly encourage you to contact me if finances are a barrier to you receiving support​ from me at any time! At times I am able to work outside of my sliding scale on a limited, as-needed basis.

In December of 2018 I graduated from the University of Minnesota School of Nursing’s Master of Nursing Program as a Registered Nurse, after 3 years of prerequisites, graduate school coursework, and clinicals.

I offer my services in person as well as through phone or Skype.

Products are available for purchase through my online apothecary at

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