Holistic & Integrative health

For many of our lifestyle-related health and illness problems, drugs and surgery aren't the answer. Learn how an integrative and holistic approach to achieving and maintaining health can help you live a more balanced, healthier life!
What is Holistic & Integrative Health Care?

Integrative and holistic health care is an approach that seeks to blend different and effective approaches to recovery, healing and health. It is also a philosophy, an understanding that we each have innate and intrinsic capacities that guide our development and life. Holistic health providers look to blend different approaches for clients and patients in an effort to achieve and maintain optimum health and function!

  • Holistic & Integrative Health

    More than 40% of US adults use integrative medicine. Learn more about how this can improve your health!

  • Mental Health and Illness

    Nearly 1 in 5 Americans have issues that mental health professionals can help with each year. Learn more!

  • Chronic Pain

    Nearly half of Americans experience chronic back, neck, leg, knee or other pain. Only 10% use doctors of chiropractic. Learn more!

  • Acupuncture & Asian Medicine

    More than six percent of Americans use Asian Medicine--an eight-fold increase in ten years. Learn more!

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