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Functional Nutrition

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Catherine Bogolub, MD, MS-Physician Nutrition Specialist
Riverside Professional Building, Suite 300
606 24th Avenue South
Minneapolis MN 55454
For detailed information about my practice and how to make appointments, go to my website,

My special areas of expertise include the functional nutrition management and support of patients with leaky gut, fatigue, cancer, mood disorders, food intolerances, metabolic syndrome, autoimmune disease, menopausal symptoms, and adrenal fatigue. I also provide health crisis counseling for patients struggling with a new diagnosis.
Functional Nutrition MN
7101 York Avenue So. #157, Edina
O’Meara, M.S.
I offer functional, integrative, personalized nutrition and lifestyle consults for individuals and groups. I hold an M.S. in Nutrition and Functional Medicine, and a Graduate Certificate in Holistic Health with a Health Coaching concentration.

Offering individual health consultations and group wellness programs.
Digging into your particular health challenges.
Approaching health issues from an integrative, functional and personalized perspective.
Collaborating with you to unlock pieces of your health puzzle.
Connecting you to ideas and resources.
Supporting your wellbeing through nutrition and lifestyle.
Empowering you to take charge of your health and to flourish.
Jesse Haas Nutrition
Wellness Minneapolis
4450 Nicollet Ave S
Minneapolis MN
Jesse Haas is co-founder of Wellness Minneapolis, a functional nutritionist and health coach who thrives at making deep connections with her clients. With Western sciences in the backdrop of her education and training, her services are heart-centered and deeply intuitive. She combines nutritional counseling and whole foods education to help her clients transform their health in small, sustainable ways. Jesse truly believes in “teaching a (wo)man to fish” so focuses on empowering each client with the knowledge, skills and focus they need to fully hold the reins on their health.

Jesse’s approach to nutrition is a moderate and compassionate one, grounded in scientific evidence and with a holistic (mind, body, spirit) perspective. In her office, success is about showing up – not the size of your jeans or the number on the scale. And good health is about striking a balance without cutting out all of the foods that bring you pleasure. Though she’ll dig into the scientific literature to guide our work together, this is a collaborative effort and you’re the expert on your body. Cultivating wellness does not have to be all or nothing or “perfect.” It’s about starting where you are, doing the work and enjoying the process. Jesse excels at breaking the science of nutrition into bite-sized pieces. She welcomes all to her practice, wanting to share her food love with everyone regardless of race, ethnicity, religious beliefs, size, shape or any other qualifier used to divide us.

Rachel Wood
7101 York Ave S
Suite 130
Edina, MN 55435

As the Newbridge Health & Wellness integrative and functional dietitian, Rachel clinically sees how nutrition can impact treatment plans for patients – for better or worse.

Rachel is passionate about living and teaching healthy lifestyle, prevention, and healing to all ages. Like many, she came to functional medicine and nutrition through personal health issues. Rachel sees patients with a wide variety of diagnoses and conditions, many of which are complex chronic illnesses. See Rachel for: basic diet/nutrition review, Autism/ADHD, PANDAS/PANS, picky eating, Lyme disease, memory loss, digestive issues, autoimmune conditions, weight loss, GI (UC, Crohn’s, IBS, SIBO), overweight/obesity, food sensitivities, mold illness, anxiety, depression, fibromyalgia, migraine, hormones, eczema, asthma, allergies, skin issues, pre/post natal nutrition, and more. Rachel went through conventional dietetics training at Kansas State University and then pursued functional nutrition training to further understand the “why” behind dysfunctions, which helps her address them.

She has an in-depth familiarity with therapeutic diets and food chemicals including: GAPS, SCD, ketogenic, Paleo/Primal, AIP, GFCFSF, vegan/vegetarian, Mediterranean, low FODMAP, candida/mold, oxalates, histamine, salicylates – and can offer practical ways to implement them. Rachel is a Certified LEAP Therapist (CLT) and has completed comprehensive training developed by a team of dietitians, physicians, immunologists, and medical business professionals with more than 100 years combined experience in treating food sensitivity related conditions. Rachel has also received extensive training in adverse food reactions, and practical application of dietary treatment for food-sensitive patients. Since introducing delayed-type food hypersensitivity testing and therapy into her private practice, she has seen first-hand how the proper identification of food and chemical triggers, followed by the implementation of a proven, customized LEAP (Lifestyle Eating and Performance) protocol can help patients reduce inflammation and recover their health.

She can also help with meal planning, recipes, picky eating tips and cooking tips. Rachel also offers a Nutrition Q&A class monthly.

Newbridge Health & Wellness’ mission is to provide the highest quality healthcare using a personalized, holistic, natural and functional medicine approach in order to promote optimal health and healing for infants, children, and adults in a caring and supportive manner.

Our vision is that holistic, integrative, biomedical, and functional medicine will be available and accessible to all, regardless of income, ethnicity, or education level, and that patients will be optimally supported in making healthy lifestyle changes. We value helping and caring, patient and family-centered progressive care, integrity, respect, and teamwork.

Newbridge Health & Wellness’ practitioners have received advanced training through the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM), MN Holistic Medicine Group, the Autism Research Institute (ARI), the Medical Academy of Pediatric Special Needs (MAPS), International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society (ILADS) and many other sources, and incorporate a variety of integrative approaches for managing the unique and varying underlying health issues of each individual.

We also offer elimination diets and/or testing to help uncover food sensitivities and counsel you on the dietary changes necessary to treat many chronic health conditions. This testing and dietary protocol have been extremely effective in helping those with ADHD, Autism, IBS, chronic diarrhea, heartburn/GERD, fibromyalgia, arthritis, joint pain, mental health concerns, muscle pain, weight imbalances, chronic fatigue, chronic sinusitis, insomnia, skin eruptions and more. In treating these conditions holistically, we also offer additional health therapies such as Frequency Specific Microcurrent therapy and Low Dose Immunotherapy and Allergen Therapy.

If you are curious about Newbridge, new to integrative medicine, or seeking extra support / more information about potential treatments, we also offer educational classes, support groups, and Q&A groups to help foster support and healing for individuals and families working towards optimal health.
I work via Skype and in person as needed.
I am an NTP ( Nutritional Therapy Practitioner). I run GI panels, adrenal panels and MRT food sensitivity tests. This information is valuable in fine tuning protocols that irradicate pathogens, support the adrenals and remove the foods that are stimulating the immune system. This allows for resolving leaky gut issues and restoring the body to optimal health.

My interest in nutrition grew over the last few years because of my own health challenges and those of my children. Seeking treatment from many conventional doctors left me frustrated and feeling hopeless with some of our health issues. Finding the NTA and pursuing functional nutrition has been life changing.

As an NTP, I work to restore balance and function in the body. I investigate and research the root causes of dysfunction. Many times it is a matter of “backing it up” and understanding the connections the systems have in the body and where the true issues stem. I start by addressing digestion and work south through elimination and address all the systems in between. I evaluate your nutritional needs and make dietary and lifestyle recommendations. I do not prescribe, treat or cure disease.

Some areas of interest to me are auto immune conditions such as hashimotos, alopecia, leaky gut, diabetes, hormones, and digestion.

I offer a free 20 minute consultation to discuss your needs. I work via Skype and in person. I look forward to serving you.

Twin Cities Nutritional Therapy
Seeing clients at Bhakti Clinic:
7550 France Ave S, Edina, MN
Resolving chronic symptoms with functional nutrition.

As a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP), Madeleine specializes in the conditions that brought her to the field of Nutritional Therapy – gut issues, mood disorders and autoimmune symptoms – with a special interest in imbalances of the microbiome. Her focus includes irritable bowel, intestinal distress, Crohn’s, Colitis, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, migraines, multiple allergies, food intolerances, chronic fatigue, and weight gain/loss.

Nutritional Therapy is a personalized approach to achieve optimal health by resolving nutritional deficiencies and alleviating stressors. Our methods include analysis of a health history, Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire (NAQ), food journals, and a hands-on assessment of your individual needs through a functional evaluation.

We offer a free 15-minute consultation by phone – learn whether Nutritional Therapy is right for you. Schedule your free consultation online at least 24 hours in advance at

Twin Cities Nutritional Therapy
Upstream Nutrition
3011 36th Ave. S. Suite #1
Minneapolis MN 55406

I am a Licensed, Registered Dietitian (RD, LD) and a Certified LEAP Therapist (CLT). Functional medicine and integrative nutrition approaches for chronic health problems are at the core of my practice. I have a passion for promoting whole foods nutrition, home cooking skills, effective use of supplements, and helping my clients feel better, fast and naturally! I received my MS in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine from the University of Western States in Portland, OR.
My ideal clients are those suffering from digestive problems, fibromyalgia, migraines, autoimmune disorders, fatigue, polycyctic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), fertility concerns, insulin resistance, diabetes, and other chronic, frustrating conditions that get in the way of vitality. Working together, I help my clients to learn about their personal nutrient needs, identify adverse food reactions or barriers to healing, and implement nutrition plans to revive health and well being.
My approaches are rooted in core values of building intuitive and mindful eating practices, with the goal of restoring your sense of wholeness and self within your body.